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Exabase Board Meeting
Special Action Meeting
LocationTeamSpeak 3 -> Meeting Hall (
Date and TimeMay 17th, 2017 7PM EST (GMT-5)
>> 5/22 End of Month


  • Yuukari I. Shishome - Director of Operations
  • Sora Yukimori - Director of Maintenance
  • Kaizerko - Contestant Director of Voice Services
  • Kudo - Community Member, Voice Staff
  • Gazer-chan - Community Member, Voice Staff
  • Paradise - Observer
  • Fawkes - Observer

Meeting Minutes

(All times are in EST [GMT-5])


The roll was called and having met a quorum to vote the meeting was called to order at 7:30PM.

Old Business


Special Business

Welcomes and Introductions

The Director of Operations welcomed everyone to the first Special Action Meeting in over two years. Discussing the changes that happened during the hiatus period and stating the desires for the future of Exabase.

New Business

Structure Discussion Exabase:Organization_Structure

The structure of Exabase was discussed pre-meeting by the Board of Directors, nothing was changed from the structure proposed.

Board Appointment Discussion

Sora questioned Kaizerko about his desire to be appointed to the Director of Voice Services over the Director of Game Services. Kaizerko expressed that it was due to his feeling of loving the TeamSpeak Server like it was a second home, as well as stating that he'd rather want to run voice services over game services due to his familiarity with the latter and his desire to learn the former.

IRC Rules Discussion

There was no note worthy discussion on the IRC Rules.

Teamspeak 3 Rules Discussion

The rules for TeamSpeak 3 were discussed at length for the community.

Current Services Discussion

The current services on hand were discussed and listed. No action was made to add/remove/change current offerings.

New Services Discussion

The services on deck to be approved were discussed at length between the board members and for the community.

Call for Members-At-Large

A call was made for any community members to join the board as Members-At-Large. The call remained open till the end of open floor.

Additional Non-Scheduled Business

No additional non-scheduled business was added to the agenda.

Open Floor to Community

Community Members Kaizerko, Kudo, and Gazer-chan discussed at length the desires expressed by the board to expand into game and community service hosting, as well as gave new ideas for game projects to run on the service.

At the end of Open Floor, no members were nominated for the Members-At-Large positions. The discussion of Members-At-Large was tabled for the End of Month Meeting.


See Actions:17-May-2017 for Meeting Decisions.

Final Call for Business

No business was added by any of the board members.


The meeting was motioned to adjourn by Sora and seconded by Kaizerko. Yuuki adjourned the meeting at 8:00PM.

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