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Structure for the Exabase Organization


  • Yuukari I. Shishome - Exabase President/Owner
  • Sora Yukimori - Exabase Vice President/Second


The leadership of Exabase determine the direction of services provided by Exabase as well as maintain services and vote on services provided by Exabase.

Board of Directors

Reports to: Ownership

Each member on the Board of Directors recieves One vote. The tiebreaker vote will go to the Director Of Operations, therefore the Director of Operations must vote last.

  • Yuukari I. Shishome - Director of Operations
  • Sora Yukimori - Director of Maintenance
  • Kaizerko - Director of Voice Services
  • Unseated - Director of Game Services (Acting: Yuukari I. Shishome)
  • Unseated - Director of Community Services (Acting: Yuukari I. Shishome)
  • Open Seat - Community Member-At-Large
  • Open Seat - Community Member-At-Large

System Leaders

System Leaders maintain the services and servers that our end user systems are placed on.


Reports to: Board of Directors / Director of Maintenance

Maintenance takes care of services and general maintenance such as service availability and cache/file management.

  • Unseated - Acrux Maintenance Leader (Acting: Sora Yukimori)
  • Unseated - Phoenix Maintenance Leader (Acting: Sora Yukimori)


Reports to: Board of Directors / Director of Operations

Operations installs and manages services hosted by Exabase, as well as performing troubleshooting and issue management in the event of an issue outside the normal.

  • Unseated - Acrux Services Leader (Acting: Yuukari I. Shishome)
  • Unseated - Phoenix Services Leader (Acting: Yuukari I. Shishome)

Team Leaders

Team Leaders perform administrative and moderation tasks inside the services they take charge of.

Voice Servers

  • Kudo - TeamSpeak Leader (Reports to: Board of Directors / Director of Voice Services)

Game Servers

  • Yuukari I. Shishome - OpenTTD Leader (Reports to: Board of Directors / Director of Game Services)

Forums & Community

  • Unseated - Community Leader (Reports to: Board of Directors / Director of Community Services) (Acting: Yuukari I. Shishome)
  • Yuukari I. Shishome - UCSN IRC NetAdmin / UCSN IRC Representative
  • Sora Yukimori - UCSN IRC Representative Backup

Current Structure Ratified Actions:17-May-2017